Tune In, Turn On, and Profit!

In order to be able to listen to your customers, you have to first know where they are. You have to get out to networking events and trade shows. You should also be surveying your customers. Take them to lunch. Get face-to-face and ask about their businesses. Ask what pains they have that you might be able to solve.

Actively seeking feedback from your customers is key, otherwise the only thing you will hear without prompting is a testimonial or a complaint. Testimonials are great but they’re only going to be a review of what you are already offering. Yes, this is great, but it doesn’t really reveal what other problems my customers may be facing, which are hidden opportunities for growth.  You can finish reading the other two reasons by clicking here.

Amazing Benefits of Social Media

Social media has gone from being a place on the Internet to chat with friends to infiltrating the business world and taking it by storm. The many sites that once were a place to share family vacation photos or catch up with high school or college friends has become an ocean of advertisements to generate traffic and increase website traffic. Here are just a few ways social media can benefit businesses of any kind:

  • Quickly and easily build a network of core supporters in your niche. Without people to support your endeavor, your business isn’t going to grow.

You can finish reading the other two reasons by clicking here.

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