Increase Your Sticky Factor With These Customer Service Strategies

You’ve probably heard it said that charity begins at home. You might be surprised to learn that charity in your workplace improves your glue and increases the likelihood of customers sticking with you for life. How do you treat your employees? If you’re of the mindset that you pay them and they should do exactly whatever you demand, whenever you demand it, period (after all, you’re the boss, right?), chances are your business is probably not growing as well as it should. Attitudes trickle down, both good and bad.

To put it simply, if you treat your employees well, they’re going to treat your customers well. When your customers are treated well, they’re going to stick around. To read the rest of this article please click here!

The Revenue Drawing Power of Video

One of the smartest investments you can make for your small business, regardless of your industry, is to create video content. Video gives a unique glimpse into your business that written content alone can’t give. This isn’t to say that you should steer away from writing content, as in a blog, but video can take your content to the next level.

Video is but just one of tools I use to attract new prospective customers and while they are all important, if I had to use just one, it would likely be video. Let me prove to you just how powerful it can be. A couple years ago when I was getting ready to launch my annual virtual mastermind program, someone applied that I had not only never met, but had never spoken to. To read the rest of this article please click here!

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