Increase Profits When You Under Promise and Over Deliver

A sure-fire way of retaining your customers longer is to successfully manage their expectations.  By that I mean never be afraid to under promise and over deliver.

We’ve all fallen victim to this at one time or another: we’re put on hold and said the call will be answered in five minutes and it’s more like eight or ten. On the other hand, we’re standing in line at our favorite restaurant and we’re told the wait will be thirty minutes and it ends up only being fifteen. Obviously the second situation makes us feel much better about the company we’re dealing with than the first.  Read the rest of this article by clicking here.

Two Reasons Social Media Can Work for You!

Social media has been around for several years in various forms, but in many ways it’s just getting started! There are endless opportunities to use it to help your business grow and prosper. So if you’re sitting on the fence and wondering whether this is something you want to try in your business, I suggest it’s time to stop wondering and start doing!

Here are two important reasons that should convince you to get off the bench and into the game!

Play Like One of the Big Boys!
One of the many great benefits of social media marketing, particularly for entrepreneurs and small-business owners, is that it allows them to play and compete on the same playing field as huge companies. Read the rest of this article by clicking here.

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