Great Newsletter Writing Has a Personality

The whole idea behind producing a newsletter is to build rapport. Rapport is the key to getting a good response. You build rapport when you convey your personality in your newsletter writing.

Your word choice should reflect you and your common way of talking and thinking. Readers value writing with a personality, and they’ll keep reading your newsletter if you provide it.

What do I mean by personality-based writing? Well, if you’re a subscriber and you get my e-mails, most of those are personality-based. In my ezine I talk about my family, the fact that my wife and I like to go kayaking, things like that. You want to share a little bit about your personality.

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The best way to write conversationally is to speak directly to the reader in the first person. Use the word “you” often, and include personal examples rather than general. For example, “This month we’ve created a special deal just for you, our valued customer.” Your customers will feel more of an affinity with copy like that, that reaches out and uses the word “you.”

The opposite recommendation, by the way, is avoid writing copy with the word “I.” Try to stay away from that because it’s all about you. You want it to be all about your customers, Y-O-U.

Many of my corporate clients have a hard time writing with personality because they feel that if the writing isn’t “professional” (i.e., stiff), then they are not conveying the proper image. But in my experience, I have found it is actually the opposite with newsletters.

Customers not only want to read things that are of interest to them, but they also want to see your company in a more personable light—not a cold, corporate entity. Remember, newsletters need to be informative and fun to read, so don’t be afraid to let down your corporate veil. Trade in your three-piece suit and your formal words for jeans, a cotton shirt and informal language. Write your newsletter with some personality.

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