Customer Service Strategies That Increase Your Sticky Factor!

You’ve probably heard it said that charity begins at home. You might be surprised to learn that charity in your workplace improves your glue and increases the likelihood of customers sticking with you for life.

How do you treat your employees? If you’re of the mindset that you pay them and they should do exactly whatever you demand, whenever you demand it, period (after all, you’re the boss, right?), chances are your business is probably not growing as well as it should. Attitudes trickle down, both good and bad.

To put it simply, if you treat your employees well, they’re going to treat your customers well. When your customers are treated well, they’re going to stick around.

Treating employees well doesn’t always mean paying them top-dollar salaries, although that helps a great deal. Study after study on employee satisfaction indicates that money is not a leading motivator. Being recognized for their efforts and having empowerment often lead the list.

Reward employees whenever you catch them doing something right. That’s one the easiest and most meaningful forms of recognition.

That said, since recognition and other effective strategies on employee motivation can easily fill its own book; let’s focus on empowerment, because that has a huge and immediate impact on your level of customer service.

Let your employees know, and make it crystal clear, that you want them to do whatever it takes to make your customers happy, so that customers become raving fans. If this book had only room for one sentence, it would be this:

Happy customers who become raving fans are the surest way to a successful, profitable business.

Yet, too often, I see business owners worry about their employees “giving away the shop” when they give their employees empowerment. This is simply a worry that never materializes. How much would they really have to give away to go negative against your customers’ lifetime values? You simply can’t give away the shop.

If you give away just barely enough to make customers happy, are they going to stick with you for life, refer others to you, and become raving fans? Probably not. They may come back periodically because it wasn’t a negative experience, but experience tells us that raving fans are created by over-the-top service. Be certain your employees know that they have your blessing to do whatever it takes to send your customers away over-the-top happy.

I believe it is paramount that you instill in your employees the attitude that serving the customer is really what drives their paychecks, for this simple reason: It is. Too many employees focus on completing their tasks and/or daily responsibilities and wrongly see customers as distractions to their day.

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